Overview Of Our Mississippi Real Estate Law Practice


Simplifying The Transactional Process

Many clients initially seek our legal services to simplify the procedural aspects of a real estate transaction. We offer a full spectrum of title, mortgage and closing services. For that reason, residential home buyers and sellers, businesses and investors, and estate administrators have all sought our legal counsel. Throughout the course of our professional relationship, however, our clients come to realize that we are providing them an even greater value.

Protecting You During Contractual Disputes

One of the greatest benefits we offer to our clients is protection. When you enter into a real estate transaction, you will be bound by any contractual terms that you agree to and sign. Unfortunately, even the most exhaustive due diligence cannot provide an absolute guarantee against a future breach of contract. One or more parties may disagree over the other's interpretation and cease performing their own duties under the contract.

These disputes may arise whether you are a home buyer or seller, a business owner, or an estate administrator or beneficiary. In residential real estate purchases, a buyer may sue even after the closing, alleging undisclosed defects or fraud. In real estate investment transactions, a business owner may discover certain title encumbrances against the real property. Even if you are only trying to maintain inherited real property, you may be in for a nasty surprise if others assert a claim against the land, such as a lien, easement or tax liability.

Taking Your Claim To Court When Necessary

If out-of-court negotiations fail, we know how to make a strong showing in court. We are thoroughly familiar with state real estate laws and the Chancery Courts of Equity, which have jurisdiction over real estate matters in Mississippi.

Safeguarding Your Real Estate Transaction From Start To Finish

The bottom line is that our real estate attorneys will provide peace of mind. There are many steps in a real estate transaction. After the initial offer and acceptance, there are matters of escrow, title inspections and disclosures, mortgage procedures, and closing and recording. Our attorneys will attend to all of these matters for you.

Learn More About Our Real Estate Practice Today

Our real estate law practice is truly comprehensive. To learn more about the services we can provide for you, schedule an initial consultation at our Gulfport office. You may call 228-206-5540 or complete our online contact form.