Trucking and Transportation

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Our attorneys have represented clients in commercial transportation cases since their first years of practice. While technology has changed the information that is available to support and defend claims, at the end of the day these are auto claims at their heart. Effectively handling auto claims boils down to three factors: Securing the Evidence, Evaluating the Risk, and Bringing the Claim to a Litigated or Negotiated resolution as soon as practical.


Our firm offers a 24/7/365 emergency response protocol for securing and collecting evidence to both large and small losses. Our relationships with Investigators, Adjustors, Third Party Administrators and Experts allow us to call upon the resources needed, any time of day, to secure the physical evidence, electronic evidence, and witness information which will help the parties effectively evaluate their claims. In the event that claims cannot be negotiated, we are focused on helping parties preserve evidence in the event they need to take their matter to Court.


The legal system currently emphasizes risk and loss reduction. Helping parties understand their exposure to risk in a certain case, as well as their potential for recovery, allows the stake holders to make early decisions so that they may all avoid costly and protracted litigation. We pride ourselves on effectively estimating and communicating anticipated costs and expenses that parties may face both to understand their case, and in the event of litigation, the costs to take their case to a jury.


Our philosophy is that with effective evidence preservation, early and accurate case evaluation, and effective communication, the majority of claims can be resolved short of litigation. In those cases where fact questions must be decided by a Court, we will build and bring to bear the best case for you under the facts.

Our work in the transportation field is both professional and personal, as members of our families are in the commercial transportation business. We represent a wide variety of clients, from the largest trucking and delivery companies in the United States, to owner-operators of single rigs.