Should you get an inspection if you want to sell your home?

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2020 | Real Estate |

People usually hear about getting an inspection when they want to buy a home, but did you know that it could be a good idea for you to get an inspection before you sell your home, too?

Getting an inspection before you try to sell your home can be extremely helpful. For one thing, you’ll know if there is anything wrong with your home that might affect the sale. You’ll also be able to use that inspection to get an appraisal, which will help you know if your selling price is fair.

It’s true that you probably have a fairly good idea of what your home’s condition is, but there could be some issues that you haven’t noticed. Having an inspection will help find and identify the issues, so you can address them before selling your home or let the potential buyers know about them.

It could save you money if you call an inspector

Keep in mind that it may save you money if you call an inspector. Why? You can make repairs yourself if there are issues with your home. If you wait for a buyer to inspect the property, you may have to hire a professional to do the job, which is going to cost more.

Inspections and appraisals also help increase your credibility because you’re showing that you took the time to have your home inspected and are presenting it accurately.

These are just a few reasons you may want to get an inspection of your home, especially if you’re getting ready to sell it. You may want to talk about this more with your attorney before listing your property.