5 ways to ensure that closing on your new home goes smoothly

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2020 | Real Estate |

You are about to close on your new home. What should you consider to avoid last-minute problems when buying a house?

  1. Make sure the seller has the right to sell you the house

Known as clearing the title, this makes sure that the title of the house is free from potential problems and that no one else has a claim on the house.

  1. Have your escape routes planned

Contingencies are clauses in the contract you sign to buy your home. These clauses allow you to back out in certain circumstances, such as if your mortgage falls through, or if your surveys find the house is overvalued or has faults.

  1. Make sure your funding is in place

Underwriters are the people who do the final checks on you and your finances before the mortgage company hands the money over to you. They check that you completed the mortgage application forms truthfully and that nothing has changed since.

  1. Make sure the funding costs what you thought it would

The HUD-1 settlement statement, also known as the closing disclosure, sets down how much you will pay on your mortgage. Make sure it agrees with what you predicted you would pay.

  1. Check the house for yourself one last time

Known as a walk-through, this is your final chance to walk through the house and double-check you are buying the house you thought you were buying.

Closing on a home can be stressful, but knowing you have a good real estate attorney can relieve some of that stress and make it more likely that you get the keys to your new home.