If your insurer acts in bad faith, you can take steps to get your benefits

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You have insurance covering your property so that you don’t have to worry about unforeseen accidents costing you thousands. You want to make sure you are protected and have coverage when you need it. That’s why you bought insurance in the first place. 

When you filed a claim and had it denied, you were frustrated, to say the least. You think your insurer is acting in bad faith. What should you do? Here are three tips. 

1. Review your contract

To start with, review the contract you have with the insurance company to make sure you understand it. You can take it to your attorney for review as well.

2. Don’t delay in seeking a resolution

When you have a problem with the insurance provider, don’t delay in seeking help. You can talk to your attorney about your claim, the reason for denial and what you can do to get it approved. There may be some miscommunication that is holding up the process, for example, or you may need your attorney to step in.

3. Be ready to litigate or arbitration

In a worst-case scenario, you may need to go through arbitration or take the insurance company to court to get what you deserve out of your benefits. The good news is that your attorney is trained for this kind of situation and can help you seek the benefits that you are entitled to. 

Our website has more on what you should to next if you believe that your insurer is acting in bad faith or has not taken your claim seriously. You do deserve the opportunity to appeal their decision and get the benefits you deserve.