Is your commercial property ADA compliant?

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When business owners look to invest in commercial real estate, they know there are several steps they must take. They have to carefully inspect the property and review all of the documents before completing the sale. They must also ensure the property complies with several state and federal laws.

One of those laws that you must keep in mind when buying commercial property is the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

All commercial properties must comply with the ADA

The ADA is a federal law that requires public properties to be accessible for all people. Essentially, everyone should be able to access the location, regardless of their physical or mental ability.

To comply with this law, business owners must ensure they remove any physical barriers on their property that could prevent such access. There are several types of accommodations they could make to do so, such as:

  • Wide entryways;
  • Automatic doors;
  • Ramps; and
  • Accessible parking.

This is only to name a few of the most common accommodations properties should have. The federal government provides a comprehensive checklist for properties that you should review.

Why should you consider ADA compliance before purchasing?

Checking a prospective property for ADA compliance allows business owners to:

  • Understand what changes they have to make to the property to comply with the law;
  • Avoid penalties from the state or city for non-compliance; and
  • Prevent the risk of ADA lawsuits proactively.

However, assessing accessibility can be stressful on top of all the other steps you must take when investing in commercial real estate. Though Mississippi law requires you to consult a real estate attorney for transactions, it might be helpful to consult an experienced lawyer to fully understand the process of determining a property’s legal compliance.