Act smart in an insurance coverage dispute

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The story of David and Goliath tells of a young shepherd who takes on a giant. David did not win by being brave; he won by being smart. He knew if he got involved in a battle with the giant, he might lose. He did the sensible thing and tackled Goliath from a safe distance, minimizing the risk to himself.

If you have a dispute with your insurance company over their refusal to cover your claim, going to litigation carries considerable risk. If you lose, you will be even more out of pocket than when you started. Before you start thinking of litigation, be smart and take these steps:

  • Check your policy: Insurance policies can be hard to read. Pages of long words with little white space to break up the text make it easy to miss things. The language used can be complex. Reread it various times to make sure you have not missed anything.
  • Get an attorney to read it: If you think your interpretation is correct, take your policy to an insurance dispute attorney. They will have far more experience than you at reading these documents and a better understanding of what the various legal terms mean. They can spot any clauses which specifically exclude coverage or find ambiguous ones that leave the matter vague.
  • Have your attorney contact the insurance company: Once an insurer knows you have an attorney behind you, they may listen more carefully. This additional pressure may be all that is needed.

Your insurer is savvier than Goliath. They know there is a risk they could lose if your case goes to litigation. With your attorney’s help, you may find they are willing to negotiate to resolve your dispute.