• Office Security


Boudreaux joined the firm in 2016 and serves as a liaison between staff members and third parties. His primary role is Office Security; however, past experience has proven that he can be compromised quickly and easily with dog biscuits or a belly rub.

In addition to office security, Boudreaux assists with client control. He is highly skilled at de-escalating potentially tense situations, especially meetings which involve large crowds and/or small children.

Although his designated space is located in the office of senior counsel, Boudreaux prefers to spend time in all the other work areas within the office. He feels like this gives him balance: it provides an opportunity to monitor employees’ work productivity as well as an opportunity to improve his social skills and inter-office connections.

Aside from providing quality pet therapy, Boudreaux’s goal is to see how many air fresheners he can force the staff to use in a given day. For his efforts, he was awarded the Certificate of Flatulence in early 2018 and is a strong candidate for receiving that award again next year.

Boudreaux is a native of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, having been found in the middle of Highway 90 in Gulfport in late 2012. His hobbies include sleeping, snoring, napping, eating, leaning on people, “pull” and scaring the daylights out of everyone who ignores the “Dogs on Premises” signs posted at every entrance to the office and walks in, unexpecting to be greeted by a 140+ pound lap dog.

Boudreaux welcomes the opportunity to meet new people and encourages you to stop by for a visit. Regrettably, he does not have an email address due, in large part, to the fact that he does not have thumbs which are most helpful for typing.