Meeting Your Family Law Needs In Your Best Interests

Sooner or later, many people need the help of a family law attorney. No one gets married expecting to get divorced, but when a marriage has broken down irretrievably, making rational decisions and having solid legal advice become vitally important. A divorce will include:

  • Property division, in all cases
  • Alimony or spousal support in some cases
  • Child custody and child support when there are minor children of the marriage

As you look for a divorce attorney, we at Purvis & Co. PLLC urge you to choose a law firm with experience. Our firm has two decades of service to our Mississippi Gulf Coast communities, handling a range of practice areas, including family law. Our track record has helped us build a strong reputation in the Gulfport area and beyond.

Meet Your Challenges Head-On

From the time you meet with one of our Mississippi family law attorneys until the conclusion of your case, you will discover that we truly mean it when we say customer service is a high priority at our firm. Every one of our lawyers and legal staff members believe we are here to serve and help people resolve legal problems such as property division disputes.

We understand the emotional aspects of family law matters and can offer you comforting reassurance while we skillfully guide your case resolution forward. We welcome your inquiry regarding any other family law concerns you have such as:

  • A prenuptial agreement
  • Grandparents’ rights
  • Stepparent adoption
  • A paternity action
  • Restraining orders

After a divorce, modifications and/or enforcement of court orders may become necessary. Our family law attorneys can help you pursue a modification or oppose one, and we can help you seek enforcement or defend yourself when another party accuses you of violating your family law court order.

Need Legal Help With A Family Transition?

Our law firm is here for you at a time of transition in your family. Our robust real estate practice may help you if you need to sell property in connection with a divorce, after you have inherited property or if you are taking an estate through probate. To schedule a consultation about any legal concern, call 228-206-5540 or send an email inquiry.