Legal Issues When Buying Or Selling Your Home

If you are considering selling your own home, it may seem like a simple process. Perhaps you have already received offers and don’t want to hire a realtor. Yet the one indispensable professional is an attorney. When you retain one of our real estate attorneys, you get protection for your legal rights throughout the entire transaction.

Guiding You Through Title Inspections And Disclosures

After the buyer and seller are in contract, typically accompanied by a deposit of earnest money, certain legal obligations and tasks arise. The buyer has a right to perform inspection on the property. The seller must make certain disclosures about the property’s condition, including certain items for residential real property.

Safeguarding The Mortgage Process

The mortgage process is separate from the title inspections. To safeguard your finances, we will review the buyer’s personal financial disclosures, proof of homeowners insurance and other aspects of the financing arrangement. The lender may have a loan and insurance contingency provision, which we will explain to you. In short, we will review all documents to ensure the funds go where they are supposed to.

Protecting You During The Closing

The closing process refers to the signing of all final documents relating to the transaction. At the end of the closing, the buyer typically takes possession of the property.

Take Charge Of Your Real Estate Transaction Today

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