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Insurance policies are supposed to provide clear terms on each party’s responsibilities, but when the insured files a claim, disagreements over the scope of coverage frequently ensue. At Purvis & Co. PLLC in Gulfport, we have experience handling both sides of insurance claim disputes and deliver comprehensive assistance to both policyholders and insurers throughout Alabama and Mississippi. Having decades of experience handling coverage disputes, we are adept at protecting our clients’ contractual rights and creating convincing arguments to support their interests. Whether there are allegations of bad faith, objections to the approved scope of coverage or questions about third party liability, we will carefully review the policy agreement and determine your best options to reach a favorable resolution.

What are some examples of commonly disputed insurance contract terms?

Legal requirements and industry standards influence the terms that appear in insurance contracts. While the specific facts of each case generally dictate how the terms are interpreted and enforced, the following are examples of commonly disputed clauses:

  • Anti-lapse — Restricts an insurer’s ability to automatically cancel a policy without giving sufficient notice and opportunity to renew.
  • Duty to provide notice of claims — The insured’s obligation to provide notice of a potential claim under an existing policy.
  • Co-insurance — The insured’s obligation to purchase additional insurance on covered property.
  • Multiple coverage — Limits the insurer’s duty to payout for a loss when other insurance policies cover the same property or loss.

We closely scrutinize the fine print of every policy and will give you trustworthy advice based on the applicable law and the facts of your case.

What is the difference between a coverage dispute and a bad faith claim?

A coverage dispute refers to a disagreement over how the policy should be interpreted and enforced. A bad faith claim relates to allegations that the insured acted wrongfully in its handling of a claim by failing to provide an honest review of the claim or violating policy terms or laws, such as those requiring prompt notice of decisions. Allegations of fraud on the part of the insured also sometimes trigger legal action. Regardless of the type of case you may be facing, our team will use our training and experience to vigorously pursue your desired outcome.

What are the benefits of negotiation in insurance coverage disputes?

Litigation is sometimes necessary, but it often deters the prompt and effective resolution of a coverage dispute. Negotiation is flexible and removes the time and expense barriers associated with litigation, as well as the strictures and rules of the court, allowing for more direct communication and creative solutions. Our experienced attorneys are highly skilled at negotiating favorable outcomes for our clients, and are equally prepared to litigate if necessary to obtain the best outcome.

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