Understanding Insurance Coverage Disputes


One of the purposes of insurance is to mitigate the risks of unforeseen and unexpected contingencies. Parties to insurance agreements contract to share risks in proportion to the premiums paid and coverages sold.

When insurance coverage disputes arise, assistance from our comprehensive insurance law attorneys can help in investigating claims, defining losses, mitigating damages, and bringing disputes to a litigated or negotiated resolution. When a party engages in fraud or bad faith, our aim is to zealously pursue the responsible party whether that be an insured, an insurer, or an excess or co-insurer.

Reviewing The Fine Print

In any insurance coverage dispute, our starting point is the contractual language. We won’t miss any fine print. We will advise you fully on our interpretation of the contractual terms. Unfortunately, disputes more typically arise regarding how those terms are applied to the specific facts of your case. We have litigated a broad spectrum of insurance claims, including fraud, bad faith and third-party liability defense.

Pursuing Timely Resolutions

Our experience on both sides of insurance coverage disputes sets us apart from our peers. We believe in effective representation, no matter which side you are on.

For insurers, we understand the value of timely resolutions. One way to accomplish that might be through subrogation. On both sides, we have achieved favorable outcomes through cost-effective discussions outside of court. Yet if litigation is required, we have the experience to prepare an aggressive and persuasive presentation.

Offering Early Case Evaluations

We have represented clients in insurance matters where time was of the essence, such as transportation. If a rapid response protocol is required, we will get to work quickly to preserve the evidence and uncover the facts pertaining to your claim. We also can offer you an early case evaluation.

Put Your Insurance Dispute In Our Hands

When you need a skilled advocate to protect your rights under an insurance contract, we have the experience you can trust. To schedule a free initial consultation, call our Gulfport office at 228-206-5540 or complete our online contact form.